2 thoughts on “It Could Happen To You (from I Wished On The Moon, with Heiner Franz)

  1. What is there left to say about you Louis that hasn’t already been said. Genius?-without a shadow of a doubt. First saw you at a lunchtime concert in Trinity College. I think it was 1975-I was just 18. Im 57 now and still listening to you make that guitar sing. Of course in the 70s all my friends were into rock, which I regarded as pure garbage- blokes with very little talent and too much money. Then I used to go see you in Slatterys.
    I moved to Hong Kong in 85. Don’t think you ever played there, did you? Used to go see Eugene Pao (quite gifted in his own right, but no Louis Stewart!) Then in the 90s came home for good, dogged by illness, but still listening to your beautiful sounds. My cousin Mairead was married was married to the little trumpet player Joe McIntyre (who died suddenly in his early forties) and of course he always raved about you. You know whats so special about you, Louis? Besides being by far the most accomplished jazz guitarist Anywhere, when I listen to you, Im transported away in time to my young years and all the memories, all the sounds, come flooding back- and for a couple of hours, in your presence, Im 18 again and life is full of promise and dreams and high hopes, And your music takes my breath away, every time. And I watch you as you play that wonderful music and I wonder what we did to deserve you. WHY have they not made you a Freeman of Dublin yet? I suppose it is the same old story-a genius is never recognised in his own land. But just those few hours in your presence and I forget about my worries and my cares and just enjoy the Louis Stewart magic. Thank you Louis and see you in JJs in June!

    • Thanks very much for your comment Philip. Louis has been given an honorary doctorate from Trinity, hopefully freedom of the city is next! Thanks and enjoy the gig in JJs.

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